7 reasons to go to the Rio 2016 Olympics


The Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games are due to take place in just 6 months time, and with only a short time to go until the opening on 5 August, Beemat names 7 reasons why we think everyone should visit the Olympic Games at least once in their lifetime!


1. The sporting buzz - the 2012 London Olympic Games created a buzz in the sporting world. Suddenly, those who had never set foot in a gym, swimming pool or sports hall, felt a growing urge to make a start. The percentage of people partaking in sporting activities post 2012 took a leap upwards, and it is hoped that Rio will provide yet another sporting boost to the country. 

2. The gymnastics - At the previous London 2012 Olympics, Great Britain won 4 medals in gymnastics, taking home 3 bronze medals and the first silver medal to be won at the games since 1904! Since 2012's Olympic success, the profile of gymnastics has been raised and we anticipate some excellent gymnastics from a number of rising stars in Rio. 

3. For inspiration - if you want to feel inspired, there is nothing better than watching an Olympic athlete achieve their dream. Learning about the plight of many Olympic and Paralympic medalists can be enormously inspiring and encouraging, and teaches the younger generation that with some hard work and dedication, a lot can potentially be achieved.

4. Cultural Diversity - Never has cultural diversity and unity been so well celebrated than at the Olympic Games, which brings together participants and spectators from a huge variety of nations across the globe. People are united by the pride and passion that the Games can evoke.

5. New sports - the 2016 Rio Olympics will be the first Games to include a number of exciting  new sports. Rugby will be played for the first time since 1924, with a more exciting fast-paced Rugby 7s version of the game being introduced, whilst a new individual based Golf competition will be starting and also kitesurfing.

6. Visit a new city - if you've never been to Rio, this might be your chance to visit the city in all its glory. During the weeks before, during and after the Games, the hosts are keen to showcase their city as best they can. Okay, Brazil isn't the cheapest country to visit, but you're guaranteed a once in a lifetime experience in diverse multi-cultural country with lots to offer its guests.

7. The opening night - if you enjoy a spectacle, you won't get much better than the opening night of the Olympic Games. The London 2012 Olympics team worked tremendously hard to produce a show the country could be proud of and there are very few who could deny that it was truly a spectacular affair. Take the show to Rio and you can enjoy first-hand an entirely different display of South American culture. It will be a night you'll seldom forget.

 For more information on the Olympic games to be held in Rio in August visit their official website