About Us

For the past four decades, the Beemat brand has been synonymous with the pinnacle of quality in the world of sports and athletics mats. Our story is one woven into the fabric of the United Kingdom's sporting legacy – a narrative of dedication, pioneering craftsmanship, and unmatched customer joy.

At the core of Beemat are our enduring values: an exalted commitment to excellence, continual innovation in our designs and materials, and an unwavering pledge to the satisfaction of every customer who chooses our mats for their athletic pursuits.

From humble beginnings to becoming a fixture in training halls and stadiums across the land, our aim has never wavered—we strive to uplift the potential of every athlete who comes into contact with our products. Whether it's in gymnastics, wrestling, or any discipline where safety and performance go hand in hand, Beemat has been there, laying the groundwork for victory and dreams.

Our mats have been tested and beloved by generations, enduring as a testament to British manufacturing expertise. Every stitch and foam core speaks volumes of our attention to detail and the high standards we set for ourselves and the industry.

Beemat is not just a brand; it's a promise: a promise to support your sport, to safeguard your aspirations, and to share in the sweat and joy that mark every milestone in the athlete's quest for excellence.

With eyes firmly set on the horizons of tomorrow, our vision is as clear as it was forty over years ago—to ascend beyond the boundaries of the UK and champion a global stage where sports and safety are concerned. Beemat is on the move, driven by the same values that placed us at the summit of our craft, yet always reaching for higher peaks.

We invite you to be a part of our continuing story; to join us as we explore the vast possibilities within the sphere of sports and athletics. With Beemat, experience the difference made by an enduring commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation.

Discover Beemat – the mat of champions, the bedrock of legends.