Handling & Storage

We recommend that the handling, use and storage of mats as generally detailed in the book published by afPE, “Safe Practice in Physical Education and Sport” is followed.


Handling and Storage hints:

Always ensure that there are sufficient students or players to lift and carry the mats.

Do not drag the mats across the floor as this may cause damage to the outer cover.

Bonded mats with a latex antislip base should be carried or rolled with the latex side innermost, as stretching the latex side can cause damage to the antislip base.

Take care when carrying mats to the store. Ensure that the mats are not allowed to catch against doorframes, locks etc.

Mats should be stored wherever possible horizontally. Do not place any other equipment on top of the mats.

Do not store mats against any form or radiator or other heating source.

Mats should be inspected regularly for damage. Damaged mats should be taken out of service until they can be repaired or replaced.

If you need any further advice please contact us.