Benefits of Tumbling Mats

Finding high quality gym flooring is a necessity for work-outs. Whether you are exercising at home, in school or at a gymnasium, it is essential to purchase the right type of gym mat to ensure maximum safety during work outs.

Tumbling mats are a type of gym mat ideal for pre-school and primary school use. The tumbling mats available from Beemat are designed for physical play and gymnastic work and are the perfect addition to school gyms and local sports clubs.

Below, Beemat takes a look at the advantages of purchasing tumbling mats for schools, pre-schools and gyms.

Hook and loop mats

Each of the Beemat tumbling mats has a hook and loop down the long sides allowing several mats to be joined together. This enables instructors to create different sizes of floor area to suit different types of gym exercises or to fit around varying types of gym apparatus.

Interlocking mats

Pre-school and school age children can roll and tumble freely without the worry of falling off as mats can be inter-connected to fit just about every area possible within the gym. Beemat can even create bespoke gym mats if you have a particularly unusual or challenging area you need to cover.

High quality mats

All of the tumbling mats from Beemat are UK manufactured and built out of the strongest and highest quality materials. The design, material selection and manufacture is carried out under our own quality control systems and monitored to ISO9001:2008. Made from chipfoam, the cover of each tumbling mat is sewn from strong PVC coated fabric to produce a matt finish.

Protective mats

Tumbling mats are the ideal mats for physical play and gymnastics work, built to protect vulnerable areas of the body that need to be cushioned during vigorous exercise. School exercise classes often involve lots of jumping where tumbling mats can be ideal for reducing the shock to leg joints. Tumbling mats can also protect the floor below from heavy gym equipment which can often dent and scrape floors when moved about.

Quiet mats

Tumbling mats dampen vibrations and therefore help to reduce noise levels within a gym. This ensures that classrooms and/or neighbouring offices or buildings are not disturbed by the noise that can carry from a busy, noisy and active gym.

Safe mats

Beemat tumbling mats are slip resistant when wet or dry and are easy to clean,. Furthermore, the tumbling mats are lightweight and soft to provide better grip, comfort and safety making them the perfect mat for use in a pre-school or school gym.

Storable mats

Beemat tumbling mats are easy to store away. The dimensions of the mats are 1800 x 600 x 50mm. The mats are therefore small enough to fit into most gym cupboards.

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